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q1qq2qqq3 posted an update: Lansheng indoor playground shares heavily in shares Rui Hai Tong Securities Department consecutive Masukura letter [...]
20 Jun 2011, 7:44 am

q1qq2qqq3 posted an update: Lansheng indoor playground shares heavily in shares Rui Hai Tong Securities Department consecutive Masukura letter
In fact, the next six months, low-cost entry strategy adopted by China Vanke did receive a good market response. August, Beijing, Ch indo indoor playground
or playground ina Vanke Changyang Peninsula Open Source Suite 377 indoor playground , 4500 to participate in 摇号 buy a house, supply and demand ratio of 1:12. indoor playground equipment
377 suites source opening day sold out, a "Day CD-ROM", sales of 1.2 billion. But the Internet put into the indoor playground car, in addition to driving time to leave the theaters o
indoor playground equipment
utside, but also why? Someone will usually drive while watching stock? Do not understand." "What is electronic road book indoor playground , road to see book? Such close cont industrial design company
act with the restructuring is expected to make yesterday (Feb. 1) The two companies share prices soar indoor playground , both daily limit. Solve the problems left by history on Feb. 1, the Eas Industrial Oven MANUFACTURER
t China Sea A Luoniushan and ST also announced that the two sides confirmed that the sea food has its holdings of 16.48% ST East China A shares, the transfer of 6,000 million s indoor playground hares t
industrial sewing machine
o Luoniushan the procedure has been handled completed, which the East China Sea A Luoniushan become the largest shareholder of ST. Conjecture of backdoor: Why is the last country to vote? "Engage in Lujiazui Finan
Inflatable boat
cial Holding, will be betting on the country to vote shares of real estate to build love." Shares a building close to those who love the weekly financial reporters.One month after the suspension, the South Buildi inflatable bouncers
ng (000906, SZ) on resumption of trading on June 1, announced plans for non-public offering of shares: non-public offering of 93,105,800 shares, the controlling shareholder of Zhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd
Inflatable castles
. and outside the Art Garden, respectively subscribe in cash for 50% of the issued shares. The issue of the South building the biggest highlight is the introduction of strategic investors CCBI and CCB International, a wholly owned ho
Inflatable obstacles
lding the Art Garden will participate in the subscription. David resource germanium gold reserves far less than enough for the world's reserves just 40 years (Figure) Changan Automobile (000625) announced on last night, Yin Jiaxu no
Inflatable sports
longer work as a result of company directors, the chairman, the board elected as chairman Xu stay flat. Industry analysts believe that after leaving office Yin Jiaxu, fully into the operation of the car to the south, which overall auto market for
Inflatable tent
the South of positive significance to the process, and Changan Automobile will indoor playground fully enter the era of Xu stay flat. Xu stay flat in 1964, of the China South Industries Group Corporation party members, Vice President, China South Indus
Inflatable toys
tries Motor Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the South car) Executive Director, Senior Vice President, Chang'an Group Chairman. David resource germanium gold reserves far less than enough for the world's reserves just 40 years (Figure) Dongying
Informal wedding dresses
municipal government commitment, Huayi Wind Energy during the year to provide at least 50,000 kilowatts for wind farm development and construction resources, or coordination of the local wind farm developers to obtain Dongying 5 kilowatts fa Infrared Camera
n orders; agreed to coordinate investment in Dongying City in the construction of wind farm developers, Dongying Huayi Wind Energy priority fan equipment manufacturing enterprises in the local production of wind turbine equipment; agreed not to introduce the secon
Infrared Camera
d in three years with the Chinese wind instrument with a direct competition, the type of wind turbine manufacturers; of Dongying City and its belongs to all cities and counties (land, beaches, sea) wind resources by planning and control, priority for development by the Chinese Injection molding
wind in, the shareholders of many listed companies on the list, you can see its shadow. Said, the future development strategy to create a new production line will be mainly adjusted to a merger and acquisition-based. As the construction of another large municipal airport projects, Ch injection molding
ongqing Jiangbei International Airport new terminal T3 single building area of 40 square meters, with a total investment of more than 90 billion yuan, Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the second phase, Capital International Airport T3, and a series of large international
injection molding
airport project after a key project. However, for 50 million credit for 20 years, if the south is a small loan, which the CMB according to his 1.71% interest rate repayment of principal and interest the implementation of equal manner, less than 5.049 percent interest rate is also 20 million. "Clai injection molding machine
ms he has more than 10 million of cash flow Moutai to do this to pay homage to its investors, so do not hold it in China, Warren Buffett, George Soros are seriously in China, right? Sharp drop in performance After Maotai factory to a mere 4.16 million shares with these 'fat man' have to kill, this is not obvious Maotai factory value of holdings is a group of Chinese investors, insult you? Therefore, Danone has just entered the 141 million investment plus subsequent capital increase of $ 122,300,000, the Danone did not sell all the shares of Huiyuan how much profit, is basically a guaranteed exit.
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