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ShiVa Editor 3D v. PLE Edition
12 Jun 2011, 8:34 am

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ShiVa Editor 3D v. PLE Edition

ShiVa 3D - three-dimensional engine that allows you to create games of any type, complexity, and genre. It is possible to create games of different genres: FPS, platformers, adventure games, MMORPG, racing games, shooters.

Opportunity to publish their own games for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, PDA, Smartphone, iPhone, etc. The unique project based on technology StoneTrip [Ston3D].

For technical features of the engine meets all modern requirements, has almost all features that correspond to the time. Contains all the graphics technology. The system includes a set of development tools, including the convenient editor of 3D-world with a realtime-rendering. Built WYSIYWG editor allows you to create games and applications using all the features of the engine.

The package consists of four modules: Editor, Game Engine, developer tools and server. The game engine is based on Open GL or DirectX graphics and physics ODE and includes everything you need, including: physics, animation, lighting, sound, video, network, etc. There is a compilation of Lua to native C , the ability to use plug-ins and Libraries: The Physics of PhysX, sound FMOD, ARToolkit etc. Ability to create landscapes, ocean and various three-dimensional models using shaders. There are static and dynamic lighting and shadows, dynamic particles, various effects, animation, the ability to create multiplayer games.

Changes in version 1.9:
• Ability to encode in the languages ??C, C , Cocoa, Objective-C
• Native compilation - editor convert Lua code into C code
• Using third-party plug-ins and libraries - PhysX, FMOD, ARToolkit etc.
• Unified authoring - one editor to compile under all supported platforms
• Multiple shadow - each light source may cast shadows
• Simulation INPUT device for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Palm
• Preparation of complex physical objects (complex physics)
• Changing the structure of the mesh Calling Lua or C (for example, to simulate clothing)
• and much more.


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