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yufgh15 posted an update: Shenzhen hydraulic press brake Development: "verified" after the White denied the CDB Days congenial care [...]
27 Jun 2011, 8:35 am

yufgh15 posted an update: Shenzhen hydraulic press brake Development: "verified" after the White denied the CDB
Days congenial care analyst, said, "ZTT submarine cable business in the country has an absolute lead, accounting for 70% of the domestic ma hydra hydraulic press brake
ulic press brake rket share of submarine cable market. hydraulic press brake The capital increase to meet the company's deep-sea submarine development strateg
Hydraulic pump
y." 【: Theory and new sources : Securities Daily】 ( Including three generic medicine, hydraulic press brake industry, the far East holding group there were two of thr
hydraulic pump
ee wholly owned subsidiaries, holding companies, five participating companies. Group planning head hydraulic press brake Yang Qiming reporter says "listed as a wh hydraulic shearing machine
ole group have been working hard, but there is still no cl hydraulic press brake ear direction. Wang Xianlong was accused of "three sins": corrupti HYDRAULIC SHEARS
on, bribery and abuse of state-owned company personnel. Yesterday, the prosecution delivered his indictment, prosecutor Wang Xianlong completely denied the charges against him hydraulic
hydraulic winch
press brake . It is reported that, due to complexity of the case, the court case is still asked by Tianyi stage trial is expected to last many days. 【Author: Wu Zhengyi Source: Shanghai Securi
hydraulic winch
ties News】 ( Surprisingly, after more than 2 months of the time, Valin Iron & Steel only yesterday's closing price of 3.52 yuan, has been lower than the cost of the object to be i Hydrostatic test pump
nspired. Not only that, being the object of these incentive pay for their purchases of restricted stock, and 2-year lock-up period. company, one quarter net profit year on year decrease ice cream machine
was primarily due to sharp drop in truck sales, motorcycle plate product mix changes, lower gross margins due to the same time, the new locomotives in the early batch, bulk delivery has not yet formed.
ice cream machine
China Everbright Bank in charge of the chief audit officer listing lined the road show said the price range upper limit 3.10 yuan / share issue book value of 2010 corresponds to about 1.57, more than Impact wrench
the trading banks about 10% -20% book value of the discounts, great upside potential for the market outlook. "China Merchants Securities break time is not without resistance. In China Merchants Securities, the indoor playground
Southwest Securities (600,369, stock it), Huatai Securities, Societe Generale Securities wou hydraulic press brake ld have to IPO market, in order to avoid break of the brokerage stocks IPO pricing impact, had significantly funds
indoor playground
support the market to see a China Merchants Securities. PetroChina said in the first half of oil and gas output reached 6.17 million barrels of oil equivalent. Among them, the production of 4.25 million barrels of Industrial Oven MANUFACTURER
crude oil, up 1.7% year on year increase in output in recent years, the largest; production of 1.15 trillion cubic feet of marketable natural gas, an increase of 12.9% and continue to achieve rapid growth. Home assessed value of
industrial sewing machine
the assets is not expected to more than 510 million yuan, is expected to assess the value of the assets placed in not more than 24 billion yuan. Announcement shows that this major asset restructuring into mining assets held Furuta Tempo Tempo 100
Inflatable boat
% equity, 100% stake in Tempo five husbands, Chen Qi Tian 100% equity stake to 100% Tempo Molybdenum, Wuyi Tempo 75% equity Tempo 60% equity interest in Jiangxi, Sandaowanzi 49% stake, Ma Hang Mining 10% stake. Online real estate information, November Informal wedding dresses
8 opening of the launch of the 184 suites in total real estate source, in addition to 12 villas, there are 172 apartments housing. As of yesterday, sold a total of 34 sets, 1 set of reservations. All along, Wang Xuchang position as the comp Infrared Camera
any executives. The Lulu Group's Former Deputy Factory Manager who, in 2008, repurchase and cancel the Lulu Group holds 20% of the shares, and the transfer of control of the listed company has retained the existing position, and Chengde Lulu the amount of
Infrared Camera
related party transactions also maintained at a stable level.Page 1: I was caught out has been passed up the first two: how the formation of the hole? March 18, 2009, Shanghai AJ Co., Ltd. (stock code 600643), issued a brief announcement: "The company subsidiary - Shang Injection molding
hai AJ Trust & Investment Co., Ltd. of the original on the operation of the relevant departments responsible officer has been judicial investigation. If the new situation, the company will be disclosed in a timely manner. "the day the media carried an article saying," the former staff have been responsible for the operators and Yan Liyan 'cooperation' emptied love love the original building trust Ma Jianping, general manager of building trust. "David is far less than the gold resource reserves of germanium is only enough for 40 years of global reserves (Figure) 翻译公司 wow account world of warcraft gold;area=showposts;u=114;u=6816;sa=showPosts

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