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q1qq2qqq3 posted an update: COFCO Me hydraulic press brake ngniu formed a "gold partner" But the recent anti-civil aviation [...]
20 Jun 2011, 7:44 am

q1qq2qqq3 posted an update: COFCO Me hydraulic press brake ngniu formed a "gold partner"
But the recent anti-civil aviation system has been the driving force behind the audit. Earlier media reports, former general manager Zhang Zhizhong Capital Airport, the Civil Aviation Au hydra hydraulic press brake
ulic press brake thority, former director of North China and hydraulic press brake China Southern Airlines Huang Dengke (600,029, stock it) Woan, from the hydraulic pump
Audit Commission in the audit were found when a Southern amazing amount of "air rights Coordination fee. There hydraulic press brake view is that merger and reorganization of China Ea Hydraulic pump
stern and Shanghai Airlines China Eastern Airlines and Yunnan may take aviation cooperation. But several aviation experts hydraulic press brake have held a negative view to this view, since the mer
hydraulic pump
ger of China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airl hydraulic press brake ines is clearly the background of restructuring and cooperation between Yunnan Airlines is very differen Hydraulic pump
t. The notice also mentioned that the Group holds 10% stake three good full-Chai Group Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province intends to sell its holdings of the th hydraulic press brake ree best g hydraulic shearing machine
roups of all shares. Data shows that the three best group of three shareholders, in addition to the two mentioned above, there are state-owned asset management Tongling Industrial Co. Guangzhou, China L
hydraulic shearing machine
ight was 8 4 February with the acquisition of a framework agreement signed by the original shareholders. The original target company shareholders to ensure that the operations and business prosp HYDRAULIC SHEARS
ects than the status quo, Zhongshan love Viagra should not be any material adverse change in, and commitment to the target company in 2009, 2010, 2011, should be separately audited net profit of not less than 200 million, six milli
hydraulic winch
on yuan, 1,000 yuan, if not meet performance commitments of the original shareholders paid in cash equal to the company's compensation. In 2009, Dongfeng hybrid electric city bus development project won the second prize of Nationa
hydraulic winch
l Science and Technology Progress Award, the result has been the formation of nearly 50 patents, computer software copyrights and national standards, the vehicle has a 100% independent intellectual property rights, t Hydrostatic test pump
he key components 100 % independent research and production. In real estate, the two leading bio-pharmaceutical industry have a solid case basis, beginning in 2001, China Baoan industry in the new energy and new materials, energy-saving enviro
Hydrostatic test pump
nmental protection industry to identify suitable projects and oth hydraulic press brake er high-tech fields, and venture capital in the form of intervention. According to Gaochun ceramics May 22 announcement that its control ice cream machine
ling shareholder of state-owned asset management Gaochun (Holdings) Limited on May 19 and China (by 600,795, stock it) sub Institute Science and Technology Corporation XIV (the referred to as "fourteen") signed a "Share Transfer Agreement", it holds 2
ice cream machine
7.33% equity stake in the total transfer to fourteen, its main business will be reorganized into microwave electronic information industry and information under technology industry, can be broken down into specific microwave electronic products, transport electroni idler pulley
c systems, information systems integration of three businesses. Sany Heavy Industry, said in the first half with 4 trillion of investment and planning the implementation of the equipment manufacturing industry, construction machinery industry significantl
iMito iM7
y warmer.Xinnongkaifa (600,359, stock it) January 21 announcement that the public system and major shareholders have signed an asset replacement letter of intent to farm part of the company and major shareholders to be held in Kuqa County of Xinjiang entire equity interes Impact wrench
t in Elm Ridge Mine replaced. The reporting period, the Bank of provision coverage ratio was 151.05%, 34.22 percentage points increase compared to the beginning; impaired loans decreased 511 million compared with the beginning of the impaired loan ratio dropped 1.92% fr Impulse Sealer
om the beginning of the year of 0.56 percentage points to 1.36%.Since the state of the Eastern Group, 7.0 billion injection into the listed company needs shareholder approval in urgent need of funds "blood" of Eastern Airlines (600115, stock it) (600115.SH) announced today that the c
indoor playground
ompany will be provided by the Eastern Group short-term loans totaling 5.55 billion." In the notice, the sixth Hongsheng Technology Board "eloquently" the logistics of the three major shareholders Xianpuming bad behavior: First, September 1 Puming company representative Guo Yongming, indoor playground
Teng Chung to lead twenty or thirty unidentified unauthorized intrusions into the company of social workers in Shanghai Companion Building, 15 floor office premises, staff containment, a serious threat to the safety of employees and the company's management order; Second, these people broke into the house, forced open the desk, turned Charles took the company management information and financial account books; Third, to the time of this announcement, the aforementioned two, thirty unidentified community members still occupying our office day and night, the normal operation of the company has
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